Deval Patrick For President? No Thanks!

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Deval Patrick. (Larry French/Getty Images for The Jefferson Awards Foundation)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- I fell for clickbait yesterday and listened to a podcast out of Missouri that touted a conversation with former Gov. Deval Patrick about a possible presidential run in 2020.

And like most clickbait, the tease didn’t really deliver.

Patrick does say the 2020 election is “on my radar screen” and he’s “trying to think [it] through,” but then suggests he may wind up campaigning for somebody else. And that was good to hear, because as terrible ideas go, the idea of a Patrick for President campaign is right up there.

Some of the reasons why have little to do with Patrick himself.

He’s a fine man and is certainly as or more qualified to serve than the current occupant of the White House. Then again, so is Mr. Ed, the amazing talking horse of TV fame.

In the podcast, the former governor describes himself as a “pro-growth Democrat” and a “capitalist,” two selling points that will not endear him to the Bernie Sanders crowd in the Democratic primaries. Nor will his current job, handling an investment fund for Bain Capital, win him points with the left.

Oprah For President? No.
Oprah For President? No.
There's a simple reason why she won't do it, says Jon Keller: the same reason why she's such a success.

More to the point, in the interview Patrick made it clear he still doesn’t quite understand his failures in office here, or why he left office with 59% of voters rating him just an “average” governor.

He had the nerve to tout his handling of our transportation system, which will come as news to MBTA users.

He blames unnamed others for emphasizing “performance art” over “substance,” when the fact is his biggest failures grew out of his inability to master the legislative process.

As I said, Deval Patrick is a fine fellow who did do some good work here.

But his record does not seem like a launching pad for a presidential run.

Then again, he never defrauded students at a real estate school.

Maybe the bar in 2020 will be lower than usual.

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