Power To The People In Florida

florida governor rick scott guns nra

florida governor rick scott guns nra

Florida Gov. Rick Scott at a press conference pushing for new gun legislation. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- It isn’t easy to get enough Americans so riled up that they bend the political system to their will. Usually, public pressure fails to match the juice of big-money lobbyists and ideologues.

But it’s happening right now in Florida, one of the country’s most gun-friendly states.

And it ought to be a wakeup call for politicians and special-interests everywhere that there are limits to what they can get away with.

Gun control was all over the news last week where I was in South Florida, with heavy coverage of the Parkland school massacre aftermath and the decision by Republican Gov. Rick Scott to sign a new law that has infuriated the NRA.

Scott is the proud recipient of an A+ rating from the NRA for his extremely permissive record on gun issues, ranging from opposition to expanded background checks to letting unlicensed people carry concealed weapons during emergencies like a hurricane evacuation.

And after riding aggressive support from the NRA to relection as governor four years ago, Scott now wants to run for US Senate.

How To Stop The School Shooting Insanity - Thumbnail Image

How To Stop The School Shooting Insanity

But the Florida legislature and then Scott dumped their NRA buddies this time around, approving a hike in the minimum rifle-buying age, banning the bump stocks that help mass murderers do their thing, and extending the waiting period for handguns to include long guns.

The NRA is suing, even though some Democrats are saying the new law didn’t go far enough.

Some Florida pols came out against it, including the chair of the state GOP. But Scott and company can read the polls, which show off-the-charts demand for reform.

And the heat from the Douglas High kids, their families and sympathetic voters is too hot for even them to ignore.

Score one for the people over the insiders, with many more rounds yet to come.

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