How To Survive The Blizzard

March 7-8 Snow Storm Northborough, MA (Credit Ben Parker/WBZ NewsRadio1030)

March 7-8 Snow Storm Northborough, MA (Credit Ben Parker/WBZ NewsRadio1030)

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) --  On a morning like this, the only thing those of us who can’t stand winter can do is grit our teeth – and dream of happier days.

The one upside to a March blizzard is, they aren’t that far away.

The Red Sox season begins in only 16 days in that mausoleum down in Tampa; the opener at Fenway is just 23 days away.

But you can escape from this mess mentally for a moment right now by closing your eyes and visualizing these things:

* Fried clams on a hot dog roll that’s been lightly buttered and toasted on the outside. The whole-bellies, not the strips. With just a slight drizzle of tartar sauce on them.

* Dusk on the beach in midsummer. Kids splashing in a tidal pool while their parents point their beach chairs toward the gathering sunset.

* The backyard on a weekend afternoon, with burgers and sausages on the grill, the game on the radio, and the dog splashing in and out of his baby pool.

* Getting home from work and there’s still hours of light left to kick back on the deck and listen to the critter choir in the bushes.

Hope that helped a little.

And remember – this too shall pass.

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