Pandering Pols--And The Voters Who Drive Them To Do It



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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Often when I meet new people and explain to them what I do for a living, they say: “Oh, politics. I hate politics.”

And when I ask them why, I hear a common refrain: “Oh, they’re such hypocrites.”

No doubt, there’s truth in that.

When you see a pol coming at you wearing a “Do As I Say” t-shirt, chances are good you’ll see “Not as I Do” on the back as they walk past.

But here is an unpleasant truth the folks who say that need to hear – our elected officials are, on the whole, a reflection of us. And if they often wallow in double standards, it’s only because they’re swimming in the same pond water many of us inhabit.

I’m talking about the Trump groupies who’ve been whipped up into an anti-Russia probe frenzy by the president and his enablers.

Trump Vs. Mueller--Under Oath? Really? - Thumbnail Image

Trump Vs. Mueller--Under Oath? Really?

I will bet you a small iced regular that a significant percentage of that crowd – maybe 80% or so – were huge fans of Kenneth Starr’s four year long fishing expedition in the Clinton swamp.

And unsurprisingly, the same goes for the Trump-haters drooling over every turn of the Mueller investigation.

Most of them were surely howling over the unfairness of what Starr did while he was doing it.

I don’t doubt there’s a large group of less-partisan citizens who want the truth, even though they’d just as soon the whole thing had never happened, but are glad to wait for the facts to be found either way. But the squeaky wheels always get the grease, and the pols you see jockeying for camera time are to some degree just giving their constituencies what they want.

So if you’re eager to dismiss the pols you don’t like as pandering hypocrites, fine, but be aware of who they might be pandering to.

Your nearest mirror might offer a clue.

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