Nuts With Guns: Are They Ok With You?

Automatic rifle AR-15 assault weapon on the shelf. (Credit Getty Images Plus/Malerapso)

Automatic rifle AR-15 assault weapon on the shelf. (Credit Getty Images Plus/Malerapso)

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) Sometimes news stories come together in a coincidence of timing that offers food for thought, and last night was one of those times.

I had just finished reading about the March for our Lives, a mega-march on Washington along with other events around the country aimed at building pressure for action on gun violence, like tougher restrictions on the sale of semi-automatic weapons like the AR-15 rifle, a military gun that has become the tool of choice of mass murderers.

If you log on to social media during tomorrow’s march, which I don’t recommend, you will surely hear plenty of gun-control opponents trashing the idea of curbing the sale and possession of AR-15s – after all, it’s none of the government’s business, right?

Which brings me to the other news report I saw, a story about a 70-year-old man who was stopped by Boston police. In his car, they found a “small arsenal” of body armor, guns and ammo, including – you guessed it – an AR-15.

What did grandpa think he was doing cruising around town on a weekday afternoon with this kind of firepower? According to the police report, “he was concerned with ‘jihadists on the highway’” who might want to seal off the exits and perform terrorist acts, and “he needed to be prepared for such an event.”

There you have it, just another stable American exercising his constitutional right to bear arms.

At least, that’s how a gun nut might look at it.

Others might see a poster boy for stricter gun laws.

Tomorrow might be a good day to think it over and decide – which side are you on?

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