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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- My morning TV commentary yesterday was about the Stormy Daniels affair, and I asked at the end: “Short of a crime having been committed, what difference does it really make?”

Judging from my email inbox, that sentiment touched a nerve.

It seems I am not the only one left wondering why this story matters, short of proof that then-citizen Trump or anyone around him broke campaign-finance laws or arranged for Ms. Daniels to be threatened.

One viewer referred to it sarcastically as “this earth-shattering, end-of-Western-Civilization-as-we-know-it issue.” “I really don’t think it is our business,” wrote another.

A third viewer expressed disapproval of marital infidelity, but said he watched the 60 Minutes interview and wonders “what is the big deal here?” And another wrote: “What I do care about is the economy and the stock market [and] my 401K.”

Pandering Pols--And The Voters Who Drive Them To Do It
Pandering Pols--And The Voters Who Drive Them To Do It
Jon sees rampant hypocrisy in reactions to the Trump/Russia probe.

These reactions mesh with the results of a new Gallup poll listing the top issues Americans are really worried about right now.

Number one was “the availability and affordability of healthcare.” Crime and violence, the budget deficit and the availability of guns tied for second.

Those four issues were the only ones cited by a majority. Others scoring well included drug abuse, hunger and homelessness, the environment and Social Security.

Stormy Daniels was nowhere to be found.

What’s the moral of the story?

What gets headlines and ratings and clicks isn’t necessarily what really matters to people just trying to manage the complexities of real life. And that is a lesson all journalists – and politicians – should keep in mind.

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