Equal Opportunity At The White House? Sorry

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Strange, isn’t it, how certain words can take on a politically controversial edge even though the same concept expressed by a different word can be non-controversial?

Take “diversity.”

The concept of a multi-racial, multi-ethnic “melting pot” society, while abhorred by fringe elements of our culture, has always been celebrated by most as the essential, defining characteristic that differentiates America from lesser countries.

When you talk about us being a “land of opportunity,” few would think of objecting. But for some “diversity” evokes visions of hiring and college-admissions quotas, reverse racism, a state-mandated melting pot where the coercion overwhelms the benefits.

Perhaps it’s this perception of diversity that drives the White House, a place where even the appearance of political correctness appears to be a cardinal sin, to stock its Internship Program with almost-exclusively white faces.

By one account, the last two White House intern classes had exactly three black members out of 206 – that’s one-tenth of one percent, a horrible showing in a country that is 39% non-white.

And the numbers look even worse when you consider the White House’s own description of what its internship program is about.

According to its website, the mission is to “make the ‘People’s House’ accessible to future leaders from around the nation,” and provide “a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills.”

Do we not care about providing that opportunity – there’s that word again – to people of color?

At the White House these days, the pathetic answer seems to be yes.

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