Buyer, Beware Of Right-Wing Media Bias

sinclair media bias

sinclair media bias

Sinclair Broadcasting. (William Thomas Cain/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- There are few things that rankle people more than the sense that a news organization they turn to for facts and fairness might be willing to distort those facts in the service of unfair reporting.

And over the years, conservatives have had plenty of reason to be suspicious of much of the so-called mainstream media. But if you’re going to call out the left for media bias and you fancy yourself a fair-minded person, you’ve got to call out the right when they play the same game.

And that’s why Sinclair Broadcasting deserves all the heat it’s getting for the latest episode in its ongoing effort to turn its journalists and news programs into the carriers of and forums for political bias.

They tried this kind of stunt before back in 2004, when they planned to run a sketchy film attacking John Kerry’s war record just days before the Kerry-Bush election. Sinclair fired their own DC bureau chief after he objected to the film’s bias and the company’s efforts to force its TV stations to hype it within their own news coverage.

And now they’re back at it, forcing its huge network of local stations to air a “promo” parroting President Trump’s fake news rhetoric.

They claim it’s just innocent branding, as if we don’t recall they cut a deal with the Trump campaign for access in exchange for favorable coverage.

During 33 years of TV, radio and newspaper work, I have never once been told what to say.

Real news organizations don’t do that.

Buyer, beware of those that do.

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