The Arrogant, Careless Greedheads Of Tech

mark zuckerberg facebook

mark zuckerberg facebook

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- There is always stiff competition for the title of worst news story of the week.

But the entry that also doubles as a contender for most telling story is the one out of Kansas, where two of the culprits behind construction of a 168-foot-high water park slide will soon face murder charges in connection with the violent death of a ten-year-old boy as he rode on their unsafe contraption.

A grand jury indictment alleges the two perps made a “spur of the moment decision” to build the tallest water slide in the world and rushed to get it done so it could be featured on a cable TV show.

It claims their project “violated nearly all” of the construction standards for this type of thing, and was so unsafe that employees of the water park balked at conducting the required daily test rides. Multiple injuries sustained by riders before the fatal accident were allegedly covered up by park managers.

The alleged culprits deny everything, but the truth will come out.

Just like it’s coming out about that nifty new self-driving car technology that killed a woman in Arizona recently.

Just like it’s coming out about Facebook, where the train wreck that Mark Zuckerberg built just admitted to many millions more users having their data compromised than they had previously reported.

Mark Zuckerberg's Lame Facebook Apology - Thumbnail Image

Mark Zuckerberg's Lame Facebook Apology

What is it about technology that persuades people it is OK to recklessly forge ahead without any care about or comprehension of the potentially damaging consequences?

Greed, obviously; arrogance, certainly.

But ultimately it’s us, the consumers, who need to be more skeptical, ask more questions, quit lunging for the next shiny new thing.

Because the arrogant greedheads who do this stuff apparently couldn’t care less about us.

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