Dear Mr. President--Please Be More Boring

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

President Donald Trump. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- At an event yesterday in West Virginia that was supposed to be a pep rally for the GOP tax cuts, President Trump literally threw his prepared statement aside because it “would have been a little boring.”

He then entertained the crowd with some of the greatest hits from his campaign rallies, including the false assertion that “millions and millions of people” voted illegally in California in the 2016 election, and a bunch of inflammatory rhetoric about the high rates of sexual violence in Mexico.

Apparently, our current president can’t go five minutes without creating sensational headlines, and he certainly succeeded yesterday, albeit at the expense of his intended message.

If you support Trump’s policy goals, you ought to be concerned about that.

But the whole episode is a reminder of how we need certain people in positions of power to be boring.

In fact, the list is a long one.

When I board an airplane, I would prefer that the pilot be a deadly serious individual, incapable of being distracted from the task at hand.

If that makes him or her dull, then so be it.

Same goes for the dentist with a drill in my mouth, the surgeon operating on me, the drivers on the highway alongside me, and so on.

No jokers, thrill-seekers or loudmouths need apply.

Being boring is an especially good attribute for a powerful politician, if boring means being sober, calm, meticulous with their words and uninterested in making unnecessary waves.

Judging from his poor poll numbers, if ever there was a pol who needed to be more boring, it’s Mr. Trump.

We won’t hold our breath.

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