How To Be Happy? Sign Me Up!

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) --  There’s a pretty interesting article in the Globe about a course at Yale University that’s created a sensation on campus, not an easy feat given that the school is located in New Haven.

It’s called “Psychology and the Good Life,” a class about how to figure out what does and doesn’t make you genuinely happy. According to the Globe, “the happiness class” is a cross “between a traditional psychology class… and a self-help seminar, with ‘psych pro tips’ and ‘rewirement requirements.’”

I don’t know what any of that jargon means, but I think teaching people how to pursue real happiness is a really good idea. We do tend to chase a lot of fool’s gold in our culture, and what’s life for if not the pursuit of happiness?

It’s right there in the Declaration of Independence!

I am no university professor, but maybe I can get the conversation going in your carpool, school or office by suggesting a couple of things we can do around here to make us all a bit happier.

Let’s start with a new rule – mandatory indefinite lunch breaks kick in at every workplace when the sun is out and the temperature exceeds 60 degrees at noon.

Productivity may take a hit, but Frisbee sales and overall happiness will get a boost!

We should spend what it takes to have traffic cops at every rotary in the state pulling over drivers who cut the line, removing them from their vehicles, and ordering them to walk home.

Their cars can then be sold to finance this initiative.

And you know what else would make me happy at least?

If the Bruins would jump out to an early lead one of these games and stay there.

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