Glory Days For The Business Tycoons

president donald trump cabinet meeting

president donald trump cabinet meeting

President Trump holds a cabinet meeting May 9, 2018. (Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- These are glory days for the business tycoons of America, wouldn’t you say?

A businessman got elected president.

He brought in a bevy of big-time capitalists to run the government.

Corporate tax cuts followed.

All sorts of mini-tycoons are running for Congress.

It’s a good time to be the king – or the queen.

But not all the time.

The other day a handful of pharmaceutical distributors got a well-deserved tongue-lashing from a Congressional committee about their complicity in the opioid epidemic by illegally flooding targeted markets with surplus drugs, including the shipment of more than 12 million pills to a single drugstore in a tiny West Virginia town.

Their response, according to USA Today: “a couple of apologies, a bunch of lame excuses and an astonishing assertion by four of the executives that their companies made no contribution to the opioid epidemic that has killed 300,000 people in the USA since 1999.”

This was not a good corporate look, and it was hard to keep a straight face when these suits started claiming that only honest mistakes were made, as if we don’t know about the many millions in fines they’ve had to pay for ignoring drug distribution laws.

Big-time businessmen and businesswomen may be in the driver’s seat right now, but I bet plenty of voters don’t like being taken for a ride.

I wonder what they’ll say this fall about the trip so far.

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