Facebook's Farcical PR Campaign

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Facebook is still a giant moneymaking machine, in spite of negative publicity surrounding the platform’s exploitation by bad actors and the refusal of Facebook executives to do anything about it.

But there’s no doubt their brand has been damaged, and Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow peddlers are smart enough to know that no brand is safe from too much negative press, especially when it sucks its profits from a potentially fickle customer base.

So the PR campaign that began with Zuckerberg dressing up in his big-boy suit and outlasting an array of clueless members of Congress has produced a new chapter, a report on how they’re enforcing their alleged new rules for Facebook access.

They think people will be impressed and believe Facebook now cares about the messes they’ve made, and maybe some will.

But not me.

Check out the numbers.

Facebook admits to disabling nearly 600 million fake accounts in the first three months of this year – 600 million!

Translation: we never bothered to even casually check the veracity of the content we were profiting from.

They’re so proud that during the same period they took down 837 million pieces of spam – “before anyone reported it”!

Translation: we never bothered to screen out spam until it started to mess with our profit margin.

And a bit of disappointing news: their technology doesn’t do a very good job screening out hate speech.

And by the way, they never cared about it before now.

Facebook says it released this data “so that you can judge our performance for yourself.”

Hey Mark and fellow predators – consider yourself judged.

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