America Can't Root For The Celtics?

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) -- As the Celtics prepare to possibly deliver a near-death blow to LeBron James and the gang who couldn’t shoot straight, Sports Illustrated has weighed in on a touchy topic – the relationship between we Boston sports fans and the rest of the country.

“In an alternate universe, America would love this Celtics team” writes Charlotte Wilder on “The problem, though, is that we’re not in an alternate universe. We’re in this one, in which the Celtics are from Boston. And anything related to Boston sports is unlovable for most of this country.”

This is a familiar routine.

All of our winning over the past 16 years in all four major sports – and our trademark lack of shyness about enjoying it publicly – has annoyed the bitter sports fans of the lower 49 states.

And according to Wilder, herself a Bostonian, “we don’t deserve this.”

Lady, speak for yourself.

I’m over it now, but we’ve had more than our share of heartbreak here during my lifetime.

The Patriots were awful for decades before they were great.

The Bruins went 38 years without a Cup.

Even the Celtics suffered through a 22-year drought.

And the Red Sox? Fans in lesser cities really begrudge us their recent success after what we went through?

The Sports Illustrated writer insists “that doesn’t matter anymore. Two decades is too long to hold on to “we used to [stink].”

Is that so?

Some of these jealous fans in other cities ought to look in the mirror – do they support their teams in lean times so they have the dough to get better?

We do.

And we deserve to celebrate – and gloat – when our passion and patience is rewarded, whether or not it rankles the unfortunate fans of the losers.

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