Are You Ready For The Cape Cod Crawl?

Sagamore Bridge Traffic (Credit:(Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Sagamore Bridge Traffic (Credit:(Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) --You gotta hand it to MassDOT and the Army Corps of Engineers. From the MassPike bridge work on Comm. Ave. down by BU finished up three weeks early last summer, to the Army Corps completion of the Sagamore Bridge repairs weeks ahead of the predicted end this Friday, these government agencies have mastered the art of lowering expectations out of the box, and then exceeding them.

If only politicians when they’re campaigning would quit doing the opposite.

Anyway, it’s an especially good thing that the Sagamore work is over because even without that, the holiday weekend trek to and from the Cape is shaping up as a world-class nightmare.

You know the drill, everybody from Boston south is itching for a taste of the Cape (while no one from the city north would ever think of going anywhere but New Hampshire or Maine). And the forecast is a perfect setup – a perfect day for the beach on Saturday, showers on the back end – for massive tieups.

No one wants to cut the long weekend short, but the trick question is, when do you leave? I’ve tried the Saturday afternoon getaway, the Sunday morning run, even the late, late Monday night drive, and almost every time I’ve spent four hours plus inching along Route 6.

Even if you do guess it right, all it takes it for one knucklehead to spin out and it’s a parking lot.

Don’t get mad, Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce, it’s not your fault the Cape is the place to be on a nice summer weekend.

I’m just trying to help you lower the expectations a little bit.

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