Racism, Trumpism, and The End Of 'Roseanne'

roseanne barr racist tweets show cancelled abc

roseanne barr racist tweets show cancelled abc

Roseanne Barr. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- In the wake of ABC’s cancellation of the “Roseanne” revival yesterday, I actually sat down and watched the first episode, the one that so delighted President Trump he declared in a speech to supporters that it was “about us.”

This was the show that pulled more than 18 million viewers, and set off all sorts of knee-jerk speculation about the subterranean appeal of Roseanne and her Trumpism.

But in a two month span, Roseanne’s audience collapsed by nearly half.

Could it be because the show wasn’t very funny?

I used to like the original “Roseanne,” but the friction between the star and her Hillary Clinton-loving sister wasn’t even slightly amusing. As I recall, we laughed at Archie Bunker back in the day in part because it was startling to hear his flagrant racism openly expressed on TV.

Nowadays, the surprise factor is gone.

Vile, blunt racism pours through the internet and social media like flood water through a hole in our basement window. Openly-bigoted marchers lead a torchlight parade through Charlottesville, Virginia, and the President of the United States calls them “fine people.”

And it isn’t subtle when he denigrates black NFL players for protesting police brutality.

The most recent poll I could find shows 57 percent of Americans believe the president is a racist.

Maybe for some that’s a plus, but for most of us, racism isn’t acceptable anymore, and it certainly isn’t funny.

Just ask Roseanne.

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