Dump Trump? Or Let the Good Times Roll?

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) --  It’s not exactly breaking news, but Massachusetts Democrats made it very clear what’s top of mind for them at their convention this weekend – contempt for, disgust at, and horror over the Trump administration.

But the partisans in that convention hall and anyone else who thinks a blue wave this fall that easily washes away the GOP majority in the House is a sure bet ought to think twice.

According to an interesting new CBS News/YouGovBattleground Tracker survey of nearly 6,000 voters in “competitive House districts,” with the results extrapolated to all 435 House races, the race for control is a near dead heat, and you’ll never guess the main reason why.

Seventy-nine percent say their local economy is either somewhat or very good; only 21% rate it somewhat or very bad.

Sixty-eight percent say unemployment is only a minor problem at worst where they live.

And while the president’s ratings are unsurprisingly poor, but they also contain a warning for Democrats about relying too heavily on personal distaste for Mr. Trump.

While solid majorities dislike his personal conduct and attacks on the FBI and Justice Department, more than four in ten say they mostly like his policies overall, and his economic policies score even better. Close to a third of those surveyed say the GOP tax bill has impacted their taxes for the better, not bad considering the full effects of the new law won’t be felt until next spring

Will this November be about dumping Trump, or keeping good times rolling?

My advice: hold off on heavy wagering.

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