The Worst Drivers In Boston

boston drivers tunnel

boston drivers tunnel

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- The traffic around here, always horrible, is now becoming atrocious with the allegedly-imminent arrival of summer.

And with all the slowdowns out there these days, it’s incumbent on all of us to try harder to follow a simple rule – when you can go, please do.

I’ve complained about drivers who are way too slow before and, as much as I can’t stand speeders, I’m doing it again.

They fall into two main categories.

There are the way-too-cautious drivers who inch out into a traffic-free intersection, head on a swivel, refusing to touch the gas even though there’s no one coming. They refuse to even approach the speed limit even though there’s no reason not to.

And they are utterly oblivious to the fact that there are people stuck behind them who have places they need to be.

I’m sympathetic to drivers who are fearful on the road or simply ultra-careful, but they have to make a choice – either make a minimal effort to drive properly, or don’t drive at all.

And then there is the other category, far more infuriating than the first: the clueless slow-drivers.

These are folks who simply do not have the slightest idea where they are going. They apparently can’t or won’t use GPS, they have not consulted a map, and they’ll be darned if they’ll pull over to the curb while they’re figuring things out.

Again, some of them should probably not be behind the wheel at all.

So to these people, I’m begging you, give us a break.

Traffic without you is bad.

With you, it’s unbearable.

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