Letter To An Imbecile

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- This is an open letter to the allegedly-grown man who not only hit and killed an 80-year-old man as he tried to cross Commonwealth Avenue the other day, but then casually rationalized and shrugged off his decision to both drive too fast before he struck the victim and then flee the scene afterwards.

I won’t use his name because judging from the TV interview he proudly gave after being released by the police, he enjoys nothing more than a little publicity, even if it results in his arrest and, one can only hope and pray, conviction and incarceration. So let’s begin.

Dear Imbecile,

By your own admission, you took a human life the other day.

You weren’t at war, or a police officer in a shootout. You were just another jerk, driving too fast (again, by your own admission) and listening to music, but attentive enough to see the man in the street and honk at him several times before mowing him down.

Through the haze of stupidity you give off it’s possible to discern that you do understand the value of human life, at least your own.

You say unpersuasively that it was either him or yourself, and you explain that you drove off instead of doing what any decent human being would do because you were scared for yourself.

Bottom line, you admit it’s no big deal to you that you snuffed out an innocent life.

Accidents happen, you say; hit-and-runs occur all the time.

You probably won’t care, but you should know that the overwhelming majority if not all of the people who hear about this pitiful performance will be profoundly disgusted by you, and what you did and said here.

And that disgust is what distinguishes civilization from you.

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