We Should Be Civil Towards Each Other

Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton (Credit: GeorgeHWBush/Twitter)

Former Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton (Credit: GeorgeHWBush/Twitter)

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) -- You know the old saying: “a picture is worth a thousand words.”

This was never more true than yesterday, when thousands and thousands of words were being spewed in the pointless argument over who is to blame for the rampant political incivility that infects our country these days.

There’s plenty to go around.

While President Trump has injected an unprecedented level of gratuitous rudeness into our political culture, the shouting, demonization, and overheated rhetoric that pollutes public life these days goes back well before he came along.

And don’t forget that this is the country where political leaders fought deadly duels to settle disputes, a congressman once beat a senator half to death on the Senate floor because he didn’t like a speech he made, and thirty people died in a turf dispute between two Chicago aldermen.

But the finger-pointing is in full swing, because to be a partisan in 2018 around here means you always hold the moral high ground, and the other side is Satan.

But back to our picture that says more than all that spilled ink and wasted breath.

It’s a snapshot of 94-year-old former Republican President George H.W. Bush, in his wheelchair, smiling as the man who ousted him from the White House, former Democratic President Bill Clinton, gestures and grins at the socks Mr. Bush is wearing, which bear Clinton’s image.

The friendship between Bush and Clinton dates back almost 20 years, and it’s clearly genuine. And why shouldn’t they be friends?

They have shared experiences, and a shared love for their country.

Come to think of it, that’s a good reason for most of us to be a bit more civil to each other, no matter what our political differences.

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