Washington's Schoolyard Slapdown

peter strzok congressional testimony FBI donald trump

peter strzok congressional testimony FBI donald trump

Deputy Assistant FBI Director Peter Strzok was sworn in before his testimony in Washington, D.C. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- I enjoy my job and am glad to have it, but if you think it’s easy, you are mistaken.

Take yesterday, when my assignment was to watch the joint congressional committee hearing involving Peter Strzok, the FBI agent who worked on both the Hillary Clinton email inquiry and the Mueller probe of the Trump/Russia connection who thought it was appropriate to send snide text messages to his girlfriend about the targets of his investigations.

Strzok appears to have been guilty of being a careless jerk, and was appropriately dumped by Mueller when his carelessness came to light. But during an all-day hearing, no serious evidence was offered to back up the right-wing fever swamp conspiracy theory that his text messages confirm a vast FBI conspiracy to take down Trump, who appears very capable of doing it on his own.

Instead, the Republicans preened, postured and fingerpointed for the benefit of their political allies, and the Democrats did the same, in their case turning the farce into an excuse to defend the Mueller investigation, about which none of them know more than has already been made public.

It was painful to watch, and if you missed it you were fortunate. It was an especially brainless reminder of how our political culture has totally deteriorated into a schoolyard slapdown, a Three Stooges pie fight that has little if anything to do with facts or truth and nothing to do with principle or the real business of governing.

Almost everywhere you look in Washington these days, you see disgrace.

And having to look at it for a living is becoming more of a chore than it’s ever been.

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