In Praise Of Dog Love

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Today in Boston, a bunch of people will gather to celebrate the local launch of a new dating app that matches folks who share one very important common passion--their dogs.

Don’t laugh, cat lovers.

As the founders of Dig note on their website: “Dog people are always looking for ways to get dogs in their lives. You’ll linger near the dog park’s fence, you’ll repeatedly offer to dog-sit while your friends are away, and you’ll scan every dating app for photos of potential matches with dogs at their sides. If you’re lucky enough to own a pup, you know that things never work out with someone if they’re not as into your dog as you are.”

Those of us who love dogs and can’t imagine life without them know this to be true. And it’s got me thinking once again about a question that may shock non-dog people but has surely crossed the mind of every dog person: why do we, with a few exceptions, prefer the company of dogs to that of people?

Every dog person will have their own answers to this, but here are mine:

• Dogs – at least, happy, well-treated ones – are always friendly and glad to see you.

After a long day there is nothing like the way Buddy the Lab greets me at the door to lift my spirits. OK, maybe my wife greeting me with a different kind of spirits, but it's a close call.

• Dogs are loyal and responsive.

They don’t freeze you out, act passive-aggressive, drop you for no good reason. They don’t use you to get to someone else, although they may cozy up to gain access to a treat, but then again, they’re dogs.

• And finally, dogs need care and attention, and draw out the compassion and caring you have inside.

That’s why making dogs the basis for a dating app is such a brilliant idea.

I just wish I had thought of it first.

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