RIP Sgt. Michael Chesna

Weymouth, MA Police Michael Chesna (Credit Weymouth, MA Police/Facebook)

Weymouth, MA Police Michael Chesna (Credit Weymouth, MA Police/Facebook)

Sgt. Michael Chesna. (Weymouth Police)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Weymouth Police Sergeant Michael Chesna is being laid to rest today, and his murder is a nightmare for all of us in so many ways.

First and foremost, he leaves behind his wife Cynthia and two children, a daughter aged 9 and a four-year-old son.

Everyone who knows the Chesnas describes them as salt of the earth. He met Cynthia 15 years ago at the part-time job he had to pay for his criminal justice degree at Northeastern.

The couple endured two overseas tours of duty for Michael in Afghanistan and Iraq during their marriage, and his father-in-law describes his daughter as having been “totally in love with him.”

It’s a story any of us can relate to, the young couple finding the regular person’s paradise of a happy home surrounded by family and friends. And this would be an unspeakable tragedy if that were all there is to it.

But the fact that Sergeant Chesna was murdered so viciously in the line of duty adds special meaning to this horrible day.

Make no mistake, first responders of all kinds know full well they are often sitting ducks as they go about their business.

Police, firefighters, even EMTs rush in to situations you or I would go out of our way to avoid, never knowing if this is the day some deranged person decides to attack.

How many others might the alleged perp in this case have hurt or killed if he hadn’t encountered Sergeant Chesna first?

Every time I drive down Route 3 past the roadside memorial to State Police Trooper Mark Charbonnier, murdered by a career criminal during a simple traffic stop, I will now think of Sergeant Chesna and his wife and kids, and all the other public servants and their families who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice just as profoundly as any soldier.

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