Honesty Is Not Their Policy

donald trump

donald trump

Donald Trump. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Let’s be honest about it--or, not.

These are tough times for honesty. Lying and deception are hot, honesty is not, and that’s a trend that shows no sign of fading.

President Trump is far from the first prominent politician to be caught peddling falsehoods.

Remember the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction that it turns out weren’t being stockpiled to use against America?

Remember how, if you liked your doctor you could keep your doctor, except you couldn’t?

That was just an appetizer.

Ongoing statistical analysis by the Toronto Star suggests Mr. Trump is in a league of his own, with nearly 2,000 verifiably-false statements since Inauguration day, a “unprecedented avalanche of serial lying.”

Hey, it’s a small price to pay for making America great again, right?

The Trump era was preceded by the rise of social-media dishonesty, a constantly mutating social cancer that has given us fake news, fake news sites, fake Twitter feeds, and so much more.

It really took the Steve Jobses and Mark Zuckerbergs of the world by surprise, they were too busy counting their profits to notice.

And our culture of deception is like a petri dish, providing perfect conditions for cultivating all sorts of new strains.

There’s unfunny comedian Sacha Baron Cohen, who specializes in duping potted plants like Sarah Palin into doing stupid stuff.

Paging the Nobel committee!

And now, make room for congressional candidate Barbara L’Italien, who tricked a clueless Fox News producer into mistakenly putting her on their air with an anti-Trump message.

Move over, Winston Churchill!

It all seems kind of dirty, but honestly--who cares about honesty any more?

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