A Mistake For The Ages

michael valor

Valor Media CEO Michael Valor. (Twitter.com/ValorMedia)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Everybody makes mistakes, and the younger and less experienced you are, the likelier you are to make them.

But the blunder made by a 23-year-old CEO of a North Carolina social media agency--and his totally inadequate apology for it--makes you wonder about whether or not it’s too much to expect a young adult to develop basic human decency.

The oxymoronically-named Valor Media group was doing social-media marketing for a Washington, DC-based hamburger chain, and decided it would be cool and funny to tweet out a picture of James Foley, the New Hampshire journalist slaughtered by ISIS four years ago in a notorious atrocity, taken from the video that depicts him kneeling before his masked captors before being executed.

Burger Chain Apologies For Using Image Of Slain Journalist
Burger Chain Apologies For Using Image Of Slain Journalist
A Washington D.C based burger chain and marketing advertising company are apologizing after using murdered New Hampshire native and journalist James Foley's image in an ad.

Superimposed on this ghastly screenshot are a pair of hands holding a burger, below a caption that reads: “When you say you want a burger and someone says okay let’s hit McDonalds.”

Get it?

Choosing a fast-food burger over the client’s burger might just get you murdered by ISIS, a fate, the implication is, that you probably deserve.

Needless to say, this was not well-received by the rest of humanity.

So self-proclaimed “influencer” and company CEO Michael Valor responded with a string of videos that have to be seen to be believed.

I felt my IQ dropping as I watched this creature deflect responsibility while pretending to take it, and display nothing resembling genuine contrition or any real understanding of how poor his judgement was here.

At the end of it, he smiles, all proud of himself for faking an apology.

Is this an aberration, or is our deranged culture spawning a sub-species of these?

I hope it’s the former.

If not, we’re in bigger trouble than I thought.

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