What The Clueless All Agree On

fake news

fake news

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Over the years, I’ve sometimes found myself in the company of people who want to blame the media for all sorts of things.

Conservatives, liberals, it’s a theme that resonates with all kinds.

And for all of the valid concerns people have about sloppy, lazy, knee-jerk journalism, blaming the media is without a doubt the sloppiest, laziest knee-jerk conspiracy theory going.

And while I’m skeptical of the notion that the president’s simpleminded insults about us being “the enemy of the people” is going to result in violence, it is a measure of the gullibility of his groupies that he keeps on going there.

So let’s once again see if we can explain why journalism isn’t your enemy, but more often than not, it’s your best friend.

Mitch Albom, the author and newspaper columnist, makes the key point when he writes that without probing from the press, “…mental asylums could have mistreated patients for decades…. Senator Joseph McCarthy and his phony Communist witch hunt might have run rampant. Vietnam would be all rosy stories from the government…. Richard Nixon would have finished his term as president. Watergate would be nothing more than a hotel…. Safety violations in cars and airplanes would be unreported…. President Bill Clinton would have not been impeached for his behavior with and about Monica Lewinsky. You wouldn’t know who Monica Lewinsky is.”

In fact, given how tight he is with a buck, you might never have known much about Donald Trump and his campaign without all the free press he got.

And the fact that that infuriates liberals should tell you all you need to know about media-bashing: it may be the one clueless complaint both left and right can agree on.

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