Truth Isn't Truth?

rudy giuliani

rudy giuliani

Rudy Giuliani. (SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Did you know that “truth isn’t truth”?

If Rudy Giuliani says so, it must be true!

Giuliani bumped New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo out of the top spot on the gaffe Hot 100 yesterday. He told Chuck Todd on “Meet the Press” that his client the president risks perjuring himself in an interview with Special Counsel even though “he’s going to tell the truth.”

So why worry about perjury?

Because President Trump’s version of the truth might conflict with someone else’s, Giuliani explained, and as a former federal prosecutor himself, he ought to know.

But whatever point he might have been trying to make is now buried by what he said when Todd claimed “truth is truth.”

“No, it isn’t,” said Giuliani. “Truth isn’t truth.”

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At least Guiliani’s blooper was original.

Cuomo’s poorly-chosen line during an anti-Trump rant the other day--“We are not going to make America great again, it was never that great”--has been available in five colors and three sizes for awhile.

These two gaffes share journalist Michael Kinsley’s classic definition of a gaffe--when a politicians tells a truth he or she wasn’t supposed to tell. But as we enjoy their discomfort, we can also take some value from their gaffes.

Cuomo’s sneering tone does him in, but he’s right that America’s best destiny is not yet fully realized.

And Giuliani correctly notes that unless Mueller delivers incriminating evidence on tape or on paper, the worst of the president’s legal exposure may be his word against others.

Two unpopular perspectives, no doubt.

But after all--truth is truth.

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