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BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) -- If you’re a golfer or even know one, there is an early leader in the clubhouse for the story of the week. 

It’s the bizarre saga of a 46-year-old man who police say – and you may find this shocking – “smelled of alcohol” when they busted him for allegedly biting off the fingertip of a fellow golfer during a brawl on a Plymouth golf course.

Man Who Allegedly Bit Finger Off Golfer Appears In Court
Man Who Allegedly Bit Finger Off Golfer Appears In Court
A brawl on the golf course leaves one man with his finger bitten off and another in court.

The victim claims he and his partners were on the ninth tee competing in a tournament when the alleged biter’s father rolled up in his golf cart and “complained they were playing too slowly and cheating,” certainly major sins in golf, along with stepping on someone’s lie and talking during their backswing. 

Next thing you know, they’re rolling on the ground, and one alleged adult allegedly severs part of another’s finger with his mouth. 

Golfers at the course Monday used words like “stupid” and “crazy” to describe the incident, and I agree. One of the main reasons to play golf is the leisurely comraderie and sense of etiquette it usually fosters. 

However, once in awhile you do see some clunkers.  Among my pet peeves: golfers who line up every shot as if it’s a sudden death playoff at the Masters; guys (or gals) who curse after every botched shot, throw clubs, and fail to replace divots. 

And so on.Most golfers don’t act this way.  The whole point is to get away from petty stress and enjoy a few hours of light-hearted fun with friends and friendly strangers.

So it wouldn’t bother me at all if a judge makes an example of this guy, should the charges be proven.

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