Why Trump Is In Trouble

donald trump

donald trump

Donald Trump. (MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Here’s why, despite the desperate efforts of Trump sycophants to change the subject and whistle past the graveyard, yesterday’s doubleheader of duplicity - the conviction of former Trump campaign chief Paul Manafort and the guilty plea of former Trump personal lawyer Michael Cohen – is very bad political news for the president.

Since the early days of this presidency, I’ve found even many avid Trump supporters share a criticism of their man with his non-supporters – they don’t like all the tweeting.

The reasons offered are varied: it’s not presidential, it’s a distraction, it takes away from positive news, and so on.

But the common denominator is, most people don’t share this president’s addiction to conflict, disorder, and cringeworthy behavior.

They may like seeing the Democrats or the media or other ginned-up villains getting poked in the eye, but they don’t need or want the constant, embarrassing din of Trump’s Twitter feed.

People don’t like to be embarrassed by their leaders, and they also don’t like to be ripped off by their leaders’ cronies.

The steady stream of two-fisted perk-grabbing and gratuitous waste of tax dollars by assorted Trump cabinet members hasn’t played well, and the tax fraud that both Manafort and Cohen indulged in is especially galling. We all want to minimize our tax burdens, but most of us pay our legally-required share, and when privileged creeps like these guys don’t pay theirs, guess who has to pick up the slack?

It has been amazing to watch this president limp along with majority disapproval in spite of a rip-roaring economy and other good news.

But his worst foot forward has consistently outweighed his best, and yesterday’s events make that situation worse, not better.

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