Don't Get Carried Away With Emotional Politics

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Credit: Getty Images

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) --  I get it, people get emotional about politics.

Right wing, left wing, it doesn’t matter.

And while most people manage to keep their emotions under control, and don’t, for instance, let their political passions keep them from respecting differing opinions – or at least tolerating them – some do get carried away.

Way away.

So far away, it carries them right out of the realm of decency and civilized behavior.

If the charges against Robert Chain of Encino, California are proven in court, he will become the latest poster boy for getting way, way too carried away.

Chain is the 68-year-old man who could face a $250,000 fine and up to five years in prison for making no less than 14 threatening phone calls to the Boston Globe over a 12-day period this month after apparently becoming incensed by the Globe’s leading role in a national campaign of editorial-page rebuttals to President Trump’s relentless efforts to demonize the news media.

Man Threatened To Kill Newspaper Staff Over Trump Editorials - Thumbnail Image

Man Threatened To Kill Newspaper Staff Over Trump Editorials

I would quote you some of the vile comments this creature allegedly made to the poor Globe employees who answered the phone, but they’re not suitable for civilized company. Suffice to say, they included multiple violent threats and read right off the Trump script about the press being the “enemy of the people.”

As US Attorney Andrew Lelling – a Trump appointee - put it: “In a time of increasing political polarization, and amid the increasing incidence of mass shootings, members of the public must police their own political rhetoric. Or we will.”

That shouldn’t be necessary.

But the fact that it is should be sobering to any decent person, and a warning to the clueless hotheads among us.

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