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ayanna pressley election night primary

ayanna pressley election night primary

Ayanna Pressley. (Scott Eisen/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Following politics can be tricky business.

For long stretches of time, we are left to draw conclusions based on awfully small sample sizes, the few thousands who turn out in a special election, the hundreds of respondents to a poll.

And then there’s a primary election like yesterday’s, where roughly two in ten voters bother to select the candidates for November which the eighty percent who didn’t show will invariably complain about.

This is why we political junkies get excited over real elections where millions of voters speak, like the one coming up this fall.

But in the meantime, here are a few things that jumped out at me from yesterday’s voting:


Mike Capuano raised nearly twice as much dough as Ayanna Pressley; Pressley won. Dan Koh’s spending swamped the field in the 7th congressional district primary; he lost. TV and radio may still be the most effective ways to reach large numbers of voters, but in the social media era there are other ways to go, and if they’re part of a well-organized efforts, they can overcome financial disadvantage.


Secretary of State Bill Galvin is almost twice the age of his primary challenger Josh Zakim, and looks almost three times as old. But while it didn’t help Capuano, familiarity and experiences paid off for Galvin last night.

And one more:


Civil rights icon John Lewis, Congressman Joe Kennedy, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, all backed Capuano. Maybe the Globe endorsement helped Pressley, maybe it didn’t.

But the message should be clear – no celebrity is going to tell most people how to vote and have it matter.

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