Boston's Big, Unfunny Joke

traffic jam generic

traffic jam generic

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- On the way home from work today, I saw a guy pull out from a side street into busy traffic without looking, nearly causing a crash; a woman speeding through an intersection well in excess of the speed limit; and a guy zipping along with his eyes firmly fixed on his cellphone.

This is otherwise known as a routine commute, Boston style.

But for all the jokes everyone makes about bad Boston drivers, the chronic behavior I’m describing that we all see every day really isn’t funny in the slightest.

Yesterday in Norfolk Superior Court, two adults pleaded not guilty to serious charges in connection with their alleged slaughter of two teenage girls, struck and killed as they tried to cross the street in Needham last February.

The details are horrific.

One of the alleged perps told the cops the girls weren’t in the crosswalk and ran into his path; the cops later proved that was a lie, and that he was driving well over the speed limit.

The other alleged murderer admitted she wasn’t wearing her required glasses, and thought one of the victims was “a bag of trash” that she drove over “while revving her engine.”

One of the alleged perps had the decency to express remorse; the other let a friend do it.

The victims are gone for good, and their families and friends are scarred for life.

It could be your loved one next.

If convicted, these criminals should spend a long time in prison mulling over their carelessness and serving as a lesson to others of the consequences of reckless driving.

In this context, scofflaw Boston driving isn’t quite so funny anymore, is it?

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