Our Traffic Jam Nightmare

traffic jam generic

traffic jam generic

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Looking through the crosstabs of the latest Globe/Suffolk University poll showing huge leads for Gov. Baker and Sen. Warren, another set of landslide results caught my eye.

The question was: “how would you describe traffic in Massachusetts compared to four years ago: much better, somewhat better, no different, somewhat worse, or much worse?”

A mere 12 percent said things were much or somewhat better. Fifty-seven percent said the traffic is somewhat or much worse.

Add in the 26 percent who say a bad situation hasn’t changed, and you’ve got more than eight of ten voters stuck in a traffic-jam funk.

Put me down as a traffic has gotten much worse vote. Greater Boston is becoming an all-hours traffic jam zone, not quite as bad as the horror shows in New York, Washington and LA, but getting there.

And the question is: what if anything can we do about it?

You could stop creating more commuters by building fewer new housing units, but with prices already sky high, that’s not happening.

In fact, the state has set a goal of 135,000 new homes by 2025, and while they’ve been trying to promote carless commuting for years, it doesn’t seem to be working.

You could offer people clean, modern, efficient and reliable alternatives to driving.

I always say, dream big.

Or we can resign ourselves to the grim fact that lots of people want to live here and don’t want to give up their cars.

And we’re going to need a new state motto to replace “by the sword we seek peace but only under liberty.”

How about: “hurry up and wait”?

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