America's Most Arrogant Lawyer?

scales of justice blind law lawyer lawyers

scales of justice blind law lawyer lawyers

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- The uproar over Bret Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination and the sexual assault allegations against him seems to have thoroughly upset just about everyone, with good reason depending on what the truth is.

But there’s one group that seems to be pleased with the whole mess – the lawyers, from those profiting from the controversy directly to the legions of always-available legal pundits chewing over the whole unfortunate mess.

I get it about lawyers and the crucial role they play in our society. I have lawyers in my family and circle of friends, and respect their work.

But my stomach was turned by a long New York Times profile yesterday of David Boies, described as “the most prominent lawyer in America.”

His hourly rate: $1,850.

You’ve got to read the whole thing to truly absorb the monumental arrogance, but here’s the heart of it.

Boies, who the profile shows reveling in the high-priced perks of his lavish lifestyle, has come under fire in the past year for acting like, in the words of one critic, a “thug” in his tactics defending alleged serial sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein, and for letting his personal greed cloud his judgment in defending a sleazy blood-testing fraud.

But it turns out he feels “misunderstood”…. “You don’t know all the facts when you take on a client, but once you do, you have a duty of loyalty.”

In these cases, the loyalty was to his own bank account and ego.

Some lawyers may think it’s ok to suspend loyalty to basic human decency in defense of their client – they like to claim there’s a difference between legal ethics and those of the rest of us.

But I’m not buying that.

If we start giving any group a waiver from decency and justice, especially within the justice system, we accelerate our culture’s descent into the gutter.

And that, this article suggests, is where great wealth can deposit even the most gifted.

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