Poor Little Rich Fans

gillette stadium patriots super bowl

gillette stadium patriots super bowl

Banners at Gillette Stadium. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Over the past decade and a half, I’ve started to wonder – have Boston sports fans lost their fatalism?

Unless you’re a kid, you remember what it was like before 2002.

The Patriots might have made a couple of Super Bowls, but they got wiped out there, and were mired in mediocrity.

The Celtics hadn’t won anything since the ‘80s, the Bruins, since the early ‘70s.

And the Red Sox? Our despair and self-loathing was expressed in numbers – 67, 75, 78 and 86 – and vivid images of few words--Aparicio falling down, Grady Little leaving in Pedro ... Buckner.

But all of a sudden, things changed.

The Pats won a Super Bowl they were supposed to lose, then won another, and another.

The Sox staged the miracle comeback of 2004, then won twice more.

The Celtics won, then the Bruins, and both of them are bigtime contenders.

And we wondered – had all that winning healed our perennial sense of impending doom?

That was foolish of us.

Here are the Red Sox, shattering the team record for wins with the best record in baseball, and all the gang on sports radio can talk about is their flaws.

And the reaction to this slow start by the Pats is even worse. During my ride home last night I actually heard grown men seriously discussing trading Brady and Gronkowski and getting rid of Belichick.

What is it about us that allows great passion for sports to co-exist with insane, reflexive negativity?

Is it the water from the Quabbin?

Too much salty air?

A problem with the gene pool?

All I know is, we enjoy an embarrassment of sports riches.

And if you insist on still feeling poor, as the Tower of Power would day, go on and knock yourself out.

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