Just Don't Steal And Lie



BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) Governing is hard.

Many government officials work long hours at jobs that are often thankless. Their pay is often much less than they might make for similar work in the private sector, with all the scrutiny and second-guessing that comes with public-sector work.

I respect the people who take on these jobs, for the most part.

And really, all I or anyone else ask of them is to not rip us off and not lie to us.

Federal Emergency Management Agency chief Brock Long is the latest government official to fail on both counts.

According to an internal investigation, Long abused his position by using government vehicles and staff for personal business, to the tune of over $150,000 in misused tax dollars.

Chump change? Not to me it isn’t, and the circumstances of his theft compound the offense.

Even after he was warned that it was a violation of government rules, Long had taxpayer-funded staffers drive him on personal trips in taxpayer-funded vehicles, over and over again.

There were 25 trips to his home in North Carolina, where his aides stayed in hotels on our dime so they could be handy to drive him around some more.

And there was the trip to Hawaii on “official business” that happened to coincide with his kids’ spring vacation.

I’m sure everyone enjoyed the tour of the pineapple farm and the trip to see a volcano.

And of course, when told to knock off this behavior, he continued.

Arrogance, dishonesty, entitlement.

It’s become a pattern within this administration.

And if it doesn’t bother you to be ripped off and lied to this way, then the old saying holds – you get the government you deserve.

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