How The Sox Will Win

boston red sox mlb baseball

boston red sox mlb baseball

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- The scene is set, and it’s time to get off the fence and give you what I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting – my prediction on the Red Sox-Yankees series.

Frankly, while the Red Sox won the division easily over New York, the two teams appear evenly matched. The Red Sox won the season series ten games to nine, winning seven of ten at Fenway, losing six of nine down in that clip joint in the Bronx.

But for a competition that close, it’s odd that most of the 19 games were blowouts, decided by three runs or more.

There were only three one-run games between the two teams, two of them won by the Yankees. That speaks to the inferiority of the Red Sox bullpen, which blew four saves against New York this year.

But while the Yankee bullpen had a better year than the Sox bullpen, our starters did better than theirs. Conclusion: if our starters go deep, we win.

We led the league in hitting, with a team batting average nearly 20 points better than New York. But the Yankees have been hotter the last month, scoring more runs and hitting more homers than us.

Conclusion: if the games are slugfests, Yankees may have an edge.

I heard some announcer pointing out that the Yankees had the worst infield defense in the league this season, and overall the Sox fielding percentage was higher. That puts a premium on putting the ball in play and putting pressure on them to catch it.

If the Sox are striking out a lot, edge Yankees. If they aren’t, we win.

So here’s my call – Sox pitchers and hitters do their jobs well enough to win in four games. Then they have to get past Houston or Cleveland. And for all the Red Sox/Yankees hype, that the part that scares me.

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