Why Are You Still Whining?

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- There’s still two-and-a-half months left to go, but so far the most positive reaction I’ve gotten to one of these commentaries all year was to a piece about local negativity toward the Red Sox.

I said I couldn’t understand why so many people seemed so intent on harping on the few negatives about a team that was well on its way to a historic winning season. Instead, I suggested, why not relax and enjoy the high-quality baseball being played, and think positively about what was to come?

Here we are a couple of months later, and Red Sox fever is running hot. They were magnificent putting the Yankees in their place, and sending Yankee fans home for a winter of crying in their Rheingold beer. 

I’ve been listening to some New York sports talk since Tuesday night’s clincher, and there’s a group that is really wallowing in negativity, justifiably so.

As for us, I still can’t believe how much time is being spent whining about the few sour notes in this ongoing symphony of baseball success. 

If David Price comes out in Game 2 and tosses six shutout innings, what will these folks do to keep their mood bad?

I fully expect to flip on the radio and hear some goofball moaning about how long these playoff games are and how late they run at night. If you don’t find baseball of this high-quality entertaining, no matter how long it takes, you should probably just stick to pro wrestling on TV. 

And you can’t handle staying up late for a few nights? You have all winter to catch up on sleep.

Really, it’s enough already. 

I don’t mind valid criticism of players and managers. But if you can’t feel good about what we’re watching right now, you probably also don’t like Christmas, fireworks on the Fourth, and puppies.

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