You Can't Trust Facebook

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- The news cycle has been loaded with compelling material lately, so maybe you missed last Friday’s announcement by Facebook of what may be its worst security breach ever.

Unidentified hackers exploited multiple weaknesses in Facebook’s system to take charge of 50 million Facebook accounts--50 million.

If you’re one of the many unlucky ones, this means the bad guys can steal your photos and those of your friends, send out messages in your name, and rummage through accounts you set up on other apps and websites using Facebook to log on.

If the implications of that don’t terrify you, they should.

And if you still harbor a shred of confidence in Facebook’s ability to protect your privacy or the willingness of overmatched, greed-crazed billionaire Mark Zuckerberg to truly prioritize your safety, it’s time to reassess.

According to Slate Magazine, in a conference call with reporters about this total fiasco, Zuckerberg was twice asked about his comment last March during the Cambridge Analytica scandal that if his company can’t protect customers, “then we don’t deserve to serve you.” He gave fumbling non-answers designed, as always, to create the appearance of caring and action without acknowledging his failure to deliver either one.

Here’s my favorite line: “This is going to be an ongoing effort, and we’re going to need to keep focusing on this over time.”

English translation: you can’t trust Facebook, and you’ve never been able to trust it.

And with leadership like this, maybe you never will.

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