Let's Crack Down On The Trolls

tyreek hill patriots gillette stadium

tyreek hill patriots gillette stadium

Tyreek Hill, who was later doused with beer by a Patroits fan, scored a touchdown at Gillette Stadium Sunday night. (Jim Rogash/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- As violent incidents go, this one was garden variety.

In the fourth quarter of Sunday night’s Patriots game, Kansas City wide receiver Tyreek Hill caught a pass and outran the defense for a 75-yard touchdown. As he reached the back of the end zone and approached the stands, a bunch of Patriot fans met him with an obscene gesture, and one of them threw a beer right in Hill’s face.

Super classy.

But it’s not just Boston fans who sometimes fancy themselves front-runners for jerk of the year.

Just the other night an imbecile in the Yankee Stadium bleachers nearly hit Craig Kimbrel with a full can of beer as he left the bullpen.

That fan could have killed Kimbrel, and the idiot in the end zone at Gillette Sunday night could have caused permanent damage as well. And I’m glad to see that the Pats have identified the fan and banned him from the stadium for life, the Foxboro police are investigating, and Hill’s agent is calling for the book to be thrown at the perp.

Why so harsh?

Because incidents like this are way too common. These creeps manifest the same mentality as the army of online trolls who are doing their best to ruin social media for normal humans by heaping completely unwarranted vitriol on innocent bystanders.

Online, they do it because they think they can get away with it, and for now they’re right.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest have made it clear they don’t want to take responsibility for policing their platforms, they just want to claim they care and get credit for it.

I applaud the Pats and the police for not taking the same attitude toward the desecration of public spaces by violent thugs.

Let’s hope a case – and an example – can be made of the latest specimen.

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