Alex Cora's Guide To Success

alex cora boston red sox

alex cora boston red sox

Alex Cora. (Harry How/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- There was a very interesting article in the Globe about Red Sox manager Alex Cora, and the parallels some local business experts see between his spectacular handling of the champs and other local turnaround artists.

They noted that “a new CEO from outside is often able to do things that an insider who’s been around for a while simply can’t,” like “changing the culture [and] getting everyone to buy in to teamwork and communication.” Other reporting has illustrated how Cora’s intelligence, sincerity and personality have facilitated that better communication.

This is all very informative, and I hope our political leaders are paying attention to this role model. They could learn a lot from the way Cora engendered respect from both his players and the fans by treating them with respect.

I’m sure there were times he got frustrated with the press, but he never lashed out or demonized them, and probably got better coverage overall as a result.

He was able to convey authority without bluster or bullying. He fostered cohesion within his organization, not division and distaste. There was no backstabbing, dime-dropping, or other signs of contempt.

And perhaps most important of all, Cora modeled humility, always sharing credit, praising others, and keeping his ego well in check.

Maybe, if and when he visits the White House with the Sox, some of Cora’s magic will rub off. It would be a definite improvement.

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