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red sox boston common celebration

red sox boston common celebration

Fans celebrated the Boston Red Sox' World Series victory on Boston Common Sunday night. (JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- With all of the really bad news we’re subjected to these days, today’s Red Sox victory celebration is welcome relief.

But what is it we’re actually celebrating?

For starters, civic pride.

Here in Boston, our teams are a year-round source of badly-needed social bonding.

Even if you’re not athletic and cannot afford to attend a game in person, you can share the fan experience with others and feel like you’re an actual part of the team’s success. At the park or at the local bar or in your living room, you can enjoy the company of other fans who you otherwise might never talk with.

Nothing else comes close to creating that same feeling on a mass scale.

Alex Cora's Guide To Success - Thumbnail Image

Alex Cora's Guide To Success

Another reason to celebrate today – the qualities of this team that are so widely admired.

All season long these Sox handled themselves with perseverance and determination. They never let the doubters and nay-sayers bother them, never second-guessed their manager or each other, and performed with remarkable consistency and intelligence, two qualities we don’t see in every organization we follow.

Today’s parade is a celebration of patience: the patience management showed in developing younger players, and the patience with which it handled veterans.

It’s a celebration of doing things the right way, excelling in all facets of the game.

And it’s a celebration of class, the class Red Sox players and management show in the way they handle themselves on and off the field.

It’s nice to enjoy a truly feel-good story for a day.

Tomorrow, back to reality.

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