A Beer-Can Wakeup Call

boston red sox blake swihart beer

boston red sox blake swihart beer

Blake Swihart opens a beer can curing the World Series victory parade. (Adam Glanzman/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Make no mistake, I love my World Champion Boston Red Sox.

Just yesterday at this time I was rambling on about their organizational culture and class. And I still feel that way.

But I’m not sure it was a great idea for team members on board the duck boats yesterday to be laughing it up as fans tossed full cans of beer to them from the crowd, guzzling them down and spraying onlookers with it, just like the traditional clubhouse guzzling and spraying binge that follows any level of clinching.

This seemed to encourage and embolden a few fans who were ignoring the city’s prohibition of alcohol along the route to throw cans that struck Alex Cora, almost clocked Mookie Betts, and reportedly cracked open a head-wound on another spectator.

It was just a handful of idiots in a huge crowd, but it was bad.

PHOTOS: Red Sox World Series Victory Parade Rolls Through Boston - Thumbnail Image

PHOTOS: Red Sox World Series Victory Parade Rolls Through Boston

And maybe it’s a cue for the Sox and other responsible pro sports teams to rethink the customary clubhouse booze-fest after a milestone is reached, or at least re-think televising it.

It might be a good time to move away from casual glorification of binge drinking, just as Major League Baseball chose to phase out smokeless tobacco use at the park, another major health hazard.

But it seems like they’ve been moving the opposite way, placing booze at the heart of interaction with fans, like Jonny Gomes dropkicking brews into the stands a few years ago.

Parents raise kids, not athletes, and I don’t want to overdue the role-model thing.

But guzzling and spraying on the duck boats at 11 in the morning?

Sorry Sox, that was a swing and a miss.

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