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ballot box midterms campaign 2018 elections

ballot box midterms campaign 2018 elections

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- As we prepare to--mercifully--close the books on the 2018 campaign, let’s take a step back and assess what we’ve seen.

First, the good news, what little there is of it.

Based on record early voting numbers and signs of higher-than-normal turnout tomorrow, it does seem as if citizen involvement is, for once, robust.

If you share my belief that democracy suffers when participation is limited to narrow slices of the electorate, this is a positive sign.

Add in the record numbers of women running this year and an apparent uptick in participation by younger voters and minorities, and it appears that, whatever their motivations, more people than ever are unwilling to outsource the choices to others.

If in fact the polls are right and we’re on the verge of re-balancing political power in Washington, that’s also good news. In my lifetime, single-party control of all the branches of government has never worked out well.

Now, the bad news.

This campaign is surely the most lie-filled, demagogic, nasty one in modern times, a spectacle made all the more pathetic by the fact that we’re not in a time of economic recession or war, when emotions run high and niceties like truth and fairness are neglected.

What’s going to happen tomorrow?

Anyone who claims to know is yanking your chain, but it does seem to come down to this in many races: is it a referendum on the economy? If so, Republicans will do well.

Is it a referendum on the style and leadership of the president? If so, look for that blue wave.

But there is one thing that I bet everyone can agree is great news--it’s almost over with.

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