A Story For Our Times

MBTA transit mugshot

MBTA transit mugshot

(MBTA Transit Police)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — Here’s a story for our times, from the afternoon rush last Friday courtesy of the MBTA police.

According to the cops, a 71-year-old woman boarded a crowded Red Line train with standing-room only. She saw an unoccupied seat upon which a 23-year-old woman had placed her purse and “politely asked [the young woman] to hold her purse so the seat could free up and the victim could sit down.”

But Ms. Congeniality of 2018 refused. The elderly woman – perhaps thinking the alleged perp had misunderstood – picked up the purse and handed it to her so she could sit down, which of course infuriated Florence Nightingale, who “physically threatened to harm the victim.”

This was enough to send grandma away, but before she could move very far the alleged perp jumped up and punched a 71-year-old woman in the back of her head.

The cops came, and as Miss Manners was being arrested she “threatened victim [and] witnesses for speaking to” the police.

The charges include A&B on a person over 60, witness intimidation and resisting arrest, all due to inexcusable rudeness and selfishness.

Not smart.

And it made me grateful for the upbringing I got – as did, I suspect, most of you – that taught me not to behave this way.

As a young kid I remember giving up my seat on the bus to an elderly woman, who reached into her purse and pressed a dime into my hand.

Which world would you rather live in – that one, or the one where a 23-year-old thinks it’s ok to act the way this one did?

Unfortunately, it looks like we’re stuck living in both.

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