Thank Goodness For The Voters

Voting booth

Voting booth

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) — There are a lot of crazy people in our political culture –panderers, egomaniacs, exhibitionists, demagogues, extremists, and the flat-out wingnuts - and between elections, they tend to dominate the news, to the point where you’re ready to throw your TV out the window and swear off the internet.

But then election day rolls around, and usually – not every time, but most of the time – sanity makes a cameo appearance.

The Republican-controlled Senate may not be your or my cup of tea. But some of the key policies they promote – economic growth through tax cuts and deregulation, for instance – are, while debatable, within the realm of reasonable discourse.

And given the performance of the economy lately, it’s hard to argue they’re not working.

But thanks to President Trump’s amazing lack of self-discipline, out-of-control narcissism, and irresponsible misuse of his office, the electorate chose to strip him and his party of total control in Washington, putting the Democrats in charge of the House.

Strict partisans may not like that compromise, but for the rest of us, it’s a welcome change.

And maybe the co-equal branches of Congress will get the message, realize that they could each be stripped of their stature again in two years, and choose to move beyond their ridiculous game-playing and get some bipartisan work done, whether or not the president wants to play along.

Make no mistake, last night was a big-time rejection of Trumpism, if not of conservatism.

And if both parties still can’t find common ground, rest assured the voters will be back in 2020 to finish taking out the trash.

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