Jon Keller's Tips For Winter Driving

snow driving cars

snow driving cars

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Well, that was a super-fun commute home last night.

With barely a trace of snow in the air, quite a few drivers were in full snowmageddon frenzy mode.

I saw speeders, weavers and tailgaters, all apparently in a panic about beating the storm of the century home.

The four-way stop I have to go through – always a source of consternation for the clueless among us – was a desperate showdown for survival, featuring performances straight out of the close-your-eyes, lock-your-hands-on-the-wheel-and-floor-it school of Massachusetts driving.

The frantic race home was complicated by a number of drivers I spotted scrutinizing their phones like they were the Rosetta Stone as they drove along. Perhaps they had the impression that Waze now updates snow totals along the route?

Anyway, I’m absolutely certain today’s morning commute will be remembered for a number of motorists pulling the classic winter-driving stunt – cruising along with snow, ice, and/or slush obscuring the view through both front and back windshields.

After all, it’s been eight months since the last snowfall – how can anyone reasonably be expected to remember that you’re supposed to clear the stuff off your windows before you drive?

The amnesia that sets in around here between April and November is really something, so at the risk of boring both you and myself to tears, let me reiterate the basic rules of winter-weather driving that we go over every year at this time:

1) He or she who gets home fastest ahead of a storm, wins;

2) The snow on your car is toxic. Don’t touch it, don’t look at it; and

3) From now until spring, it’s every man for himself.

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