Our Endless, Fruitless War

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BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Yesterday was a pretty big news day, what with the ceremonies for the late President George H.W. Bush, the stock market dive, and the Trump/Russia follies.

So its understandable if you didn’t catch the details of Marine Lt. Gen. Kenneth McKenzie’s Senate testimony about the status of the war in Afghanistan.

You remember that one, the 17-year-old conflict that has cost the lives of more than 2,200 US servicemembers and wounded more than 20,000 more?

According to the Associated Press, Lt. Gen. McKenzie, who is about to become commander of US operations in the Middle East, told the senators the Afghan forces we’ve been training for years to take over so we can get out of there have been taking a beating from the Taliban.

This year, he said, has seen peak casualty counts for the Afghans.

Meanwhile, he acknowledged, the Taliban are 60,000 strong and have seized more territory from our allies.

They control the countryside, and the government still has the cities.

McKenzie called it “a stalemate.”

Sounds more like checkmate to me.

The terrorist groups are the home team, and the government has issues we can’t fix.

And that ought to be a cue for our political leaders to come up with some fresh ideas about how to get our people out of there.

I don’t have any snappy answers. That’s above my pay grade.

But in poll after poll, the public and our military say they want out.

We don’t want to clear the way for another ISIS disaster. We have no choice but to disrupt these guys before they hurt us.

But when even the top military brass are admitting what a fiasco it is, the status quo should not be an option.

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