No Filter, Deadly Consequences

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Mark Zuckerberg checks his phone. (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Have you ever known someone who prided themselves on having no filter? Who just said whatever they thought, with no self-editing, on the grounds that hey, it’s their truth, even if it might be the furthest thing from the truth?

If you have, you know it’s a disaster.

We have manners--and legit news organizations have editors--for a reason.

Shooting from the hip is irresponsible. Responsible gun users know you employ multiple safety precautions, and take the time and effort to make sure you hit the target, not some innocent bystander.

But one of the largest corporations in the world makes billions off of random rhetorical gunfire.

That would be Facebook, the astonishingly reckless and arrogant gang of greedheads who’ve recently enabled riots in Sri Lanka and Myanmar and lynchings in India and Brazil.

You know the old saying, grow or die, so now Facebook is expanding its disinformation crusade to Europe and Mexico, with predictable results.

Due to excellent reporting by Buzzfeed, we know that an imposter used the identity of a prominent Honduran activist to spread lies about the origins of the migrant caravan, which then became fodder for President Trump’s smear campaign down the stretch of the midterm elections.

And those fatal riots in France recently?

Another Facebook-enabled special, where all sorts of fringe groups pose as legit activists and incite violence, confident in the knowledge that Mark Zuckerberg will never out them, because Facebook “does not share such information out of respect for the privacy of its users.”

Thanks, for nothing.

Facebook and its social-media peers are like that fool you know who just blurts out whatever crosses his mind, never mind the deadly consequences.

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