Know When To Fold 'Em

BOSTON (WBZ-AM) -- Ask any successful person, and they’ll have a story to tell about people along the way who told them not to pursue success in their chosen field because they would never be successful.

Ignoring those people appears to be a crucial key to success.

That’s what makes the current outbreak of pundit demands that various potential presidential candidates give up and slink away so interesting to watch.

They’ve been coming in waves, usually triggered by a potential contender actually trying to campaign.

Remember last summer when cable-ready lawyer-on-the-make Michael Avenatti showed up in New Hampshire to connect with Granite Staters? He was lectured to forget about it and, thankfully, has agreed.

Then it was Elizabeth Warren being told to cool it because she’s “too divisive,” which means she’s taken positions the pundits don’t like, almost surely a campaign plus.

And now it’s Joe Biden’s turn, with a New York Times columnist declaring him too old and old news.

That may be true.

Warren might also be a terrible nominee for 2020.

But didn’t we learn two years ago that two years out is way too soon for this kind of judgment?

Maybe it’s better to cool it for awhile and just watch what happens, with the White House, Congress, the economy, the world, and the potential candidates themselves.

In the meantime, make a note of which hopefuls are tough enough not to fold at the first sign of discouragement.

That might be relevant information when it comes time to vote.

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